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5 PTC sites where you earn BTC by viewing ads

Hello guys. Take a look of my list of top 5 websites where you can earn bitcoins by viewing ads.

  1. Sing-up / (No- ref link) - The best out there. You get between 400 and 700 satoshi every day (without referrals). To optimize the use of this site, if you are used to user scripts in browser ( ie: Tampermonkey), use thescript bellow in this post. It will open the links in a new tab without your intervention, only from time to time when the captcha is requested. The sites uses an antibot script so you will need to resolve the captcha randomly between 3-10 viewed ads). They have a withdraw limit of 5000 satoshi to faucethub account or 30000 satoshi to your btc wallet. (I check the website 4 times/day since the ads are filled periodically)
  2. Sign-up / (No ref link) - you get tons of ads daily. It has an autosurf and a roll game every 60 min. daily income from here is 300-450 satoshi. They have a withdraw limit of 5000 satoshi to faucethub account or 30000 satoshi to your btc wallet. I suggest to disable ad blocker for this site and change the hcaptcha to solve media. It's much readable and easier to use.
  3. Sign-up / (no ref link) - based on the same script as and other similar websites. The advantages here is that you have more ads to view daily. You get between 200 and 300 satoshi every day only from ads (view ads + surf). Currently have 2575 sats from 29 sept.
  4. Sign-up / (no reflink) - easy to use website. Just click the ad and wait it to finish. You get a super simple captcha. I get 216 satoshi daily without referrals
  5. Sign-up / (no ref link) - easy to use. You have active window ads or surfing ads. Daily income is 250 satoshi without referrals. Withdraw limit 10000 satoshi. Currently have 43017 sats after 12 days
To increase the amount of satoshis, some sites offer an offerwall to, with task and surveys. Didn't get lucky with them, only 2 times on coinpayu and earnbtc.
All of them are listed as legit on beermoneyforum or bitcointalk. I have withdraw from 3 of them. For the 2,3,4 you can use the script bellow. This tricks the browser to thing the ad tab is in focus, so you can work on another tab while the ad is loading. Just get back to that tab to complete the captcha and you're done.
// ==UserScript== // @name Enable Focus // @namespace // @include* // @include* // @include* // @version 1 // @run-at document-start // @grant none // ==/UserScript== setInterval(function() { window.focus() }, 1000) document.hasFocus = function () {return true;}; 
Here is the script for
// ==UserScript== // @icon // @name Script // @namespace testing // @description Register - Login and start to earn bitcoins // @version 1.0.1 // @author frk // @match* // @require // ==/UserScript== (function() { if ((document.documentElement.textContent || document.documentElement.innerText).indexOf('Please solve the mathematical expression') == -1) { setTimeout( function(){ $('.valign-wrapper.btn')[0].click(); console.log('open'); }, 1000); setInterval( function(){ var title = $(document).find("title").text(); if(title.startsWith(" You earned")) { location.href = location.href; } }, 1000); } else { load(); alert('Solve the mathematical expression'); $('#captcha').focus(); } })(); 
I prefer this websites since there are no shortlinks, annoying redirects and pop-ups, tons of captchas. My daily routine: start with earnbtc, multisatoshi and adsatoshi in the same window. Then i'm switching between sites to start the ads and complete captchas from finished ones. (the script usage saves a lot of time) . After that i focus on coinpayu and start the adbtc.
Here are some payment proofs:
If you find this usefull i would be grateful if you registered with my ref link ;)
Enjoy and happy earnings!
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JGal's Completely Unprofessional Mod Reviews

Just to clarify, my title is to mean that my review is unprofessional... Though I suppose by definition mods are also unprofessional... Whatever. Just trying to dispel any preconceived notions about these mods or their talented, or not so talented, creators.
Alright fellow Outlanders, I've been experimenting with almost every popular mod for Morrowind for the past week. Most are pretty shit. I'll be running down the most popular ones on the Nexus, as well as other ones I found particularly great or heinous. I won't go into great detail, but I hope it steers you in what I consider the right direction if you're new to this. Warning: I use objectionable language and I'm pretty much a rude jerk through the whole thing. So lets get started.
I'll be updating this pretty regularly, whenever I have the time and have built up the appropriate amount of repressed rage.
Morrowind Code Patch -
YOU NEED THIS. I don't care how "vanilla" you want your game. This fixes glaring errors like the ass-backwards Mercantile and Pickpocket mechanics as well as giving the much needed ability to toggle sneak and swift cast. There are a lot of options I wouldn't exactly consider "bug fixes", but it's nice to have the option. I could go for hours about all the options, but for the sake of brevity, just get it and pick what sounds good to you. Don't allow NPC's to use racial powers though, unless of course you like getting perpetually curbstomped.
Morrowind Overhaul -
Okay, I have extremely mixed feelings about this. A lot of the mods in this bundle truly make this game beautiful. But many of them don't mesh particularly well in my opinion. The other thing to consider is that this mod will put more strain on your computer than mining bitcoins (hyperbole, but not by much). My other major complaints are that I frequently need to use a torch or Night Eye to see people inside actually inhabited buildings, and the obnoxious ambient banter that occurs when you enter a tavern with 5 people standing 10 paces away from each other... But I get what it's trying to do. What I particularly like is the outdoor lighting and all the pretty new flora. A lot of work went into this bundle, and it shows. If you dislike the vanilla Morrowind look and don't want to comb through a ton of individual mods, it's pretty good. I like the original look though, so I don't use it. And my computer appreciates it.
Better Bodies -
Simple mod that replaces the horrific Lovecraftian bodies of vanilla Morrowind (who can forget the first time they saw Jiub's bare torso and immediately vomited into the nearest receptacle?) with bodies that actually look... Pretty good. Plus it adds nudity, which is a mixed bag. It sounds like you'll be thrown in a world inhabited by naked elven ladies, which is true in Suran, but it actually means you'll see far more Nord penis than you bargained for. There is an option to add underwear to the males while keeping the women naked... But the mod maker makes you feel too immature for my small pride to handle it.
Better Heads -
This mod is great. Makes every NPC in the game look like an actual person, except, for whatever reason, the Redguard females. They look positively atrocious. It almost feels vaguely racist. An important thing to consider is that Westly's Heads, while they look pretty good, don't replace NPC's demented faces, which to me is the whole point. Very rarely do I look at my own character's ugly mug.
Tamriel Rebuilt -
This mod has the insane ambition of expanding Morrowind to include... Well... All of Morrowind. I'm sure this will really be something someday. And it is sort of something today, but it's like a piece of toast with the tiniest glob of butter spread over it. It's not finished, and seeing how it's still in development and has been since the game was released, I'm not holding my breath for the day that it is. I tried it out and most of it felt empty. It suffers from some of the issues nearly all fanmade mods do but what I saw was pretty good. I would not suggest this mod though for anyone who isn't completely and utterly sick of the base game content... I don't know, I think Morrowind is pretty big already.
Morrowind Comes Alive -
This mod adds 1,000's of generic NPC's to Morrowind in the hopes of making it feel more... Alive. I can't be a good judge of this mod because I downloaded it for one reason. I wanted to be a highwayman. I wanted to ambush and rob travelers on the roads which is pretty much impossible in Vanilla because the only people on the roads seem to be nude Nords (see above). So I'm all excited, I see my prey on the horizon. A party of travellers. I notch an arrow and fire. After the ensuing slaughter I completed my ambush phase and went to move onto the robbing phase... But I couldn't. That's right. YOU CAN'T LOOT NON-HOSTILE NPCS. WHY.
Accurate Attack -
I'll put this as succinctly as possible. This mod is for Communists. What it does it quite simple, it fortifies you and all NPC's attack by 100, making every strike of a weapon hit, provided you're swinging in the right direction of course. This is meant to appeal to all the Skyrim players who don't like swinging and not hitting sometimes. Now here's where I explain why this mod is horrific garbage. It makes weapon skills completely and utterly pointless, besides leveling attributes. That's right, whether you use a sword with skill 5 or a sword with skill 100, the result is exactly the god damn same. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Secondly, creatures haven't received the same treatment as the men, mer, and beastfolk. So everything from rats to dremora lords will still miss you sometimes. This mod completely unbalances Morrowind (somehow way worse than it already is) just so you can swing half as many times. It's also worth noting that this hunk of feces doesn't even come with a read-me. DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD. PLEASE. FOR THE CHILDREN.
Run Faster -
While not as completely dumb as shit like Accurate Attack, I also think this mod is against the spirit of Morrowind. It's a valid complaint though, you do move slow as hell in vanilla when you first start out (putting athletics as a major or minor and taking the Steed, etc. can help). At least this mod seems to affect every creature in the game. I guess my only real complaint is that there's already so many ways in Morrowind to go as fast as you please, that this seems like a kneejerk reaction. Eh, as much as I want to hate it, I can't. Go for it. I haven't tested any of the different settings with the Boots of Blinding Speed yet, mainly because I usually throw my pair in the lava of Red Mountain.
Romance -
It's hard to explain exactly what's wrong with this mod. It's so bizarre. As far as I know, it's one of only two mods that allow your character to marry, and the only one that allows you to have children. It's the translation of a French mod, and it shows, through many typos and just... odd grammar and sentence structure. You can initiate a romance with any NPC simply by pressing Romance in the dialog window, and you can do a variety of activities with them including the sexy time. It all feels so... Alien though. And it produces a lot of strange side effects. My favorite was when my male Khajiit looked at the stars and flirted with Fargoth until I could lead him into the woods and slaughter him ruthlessly. It sounds fun but it was silly to the point of being stupid. Also, the babies in this mod are just a chore... Like real life. You can adventure while pregnant or with your birthed baby rolling around in your backpack with all your Dadric Tantos, but you have to perform over 9,000 tasks for this little shit every 24 hours or else... Well nothing really. But being a neglectful parent feels wrong even when the baby is just 1s and 0s. They never grow up either, but that's the least of this mod's problems.
Fair Magicka Regen -
I fell victim to this mod for a while. The temptation. The power. To bend the world to my whim whenever I please. But then I realized, I'm a dirty cheater. This game simply becomes too easy when your magicka regenerates. Magic is gamebreaking as it is, and having a basically unlimited supply takes the insanity to 11. Be a real man and brew some potions or suck it up and take a nap. Even God took a day off.
Speechcraft Rebalance -
Morrowind's vanilla speechcraft system is straight balls. It's not even worth trying until you're at least level 40, and even then, it blows. Speechcraft Rebalance attempts to fix this. And it does a reasonable job. My complaint is, it might make it too easy. Put enough time in and you will get the result you want, and I've gained 8 levels of speechcraft through one conversation just trying to get Ra'Virr to like me. But it actually worked. I actually made someone like me. So while it's certainly not perfect, it's a dramatic step up from vanilla because you can actually use it now.
Lower First Person Sneak Mode -
This mod is awesome. And simple. All it does is make it so instead of only crouching a 1/4 inch when you sneak, you actually go low enough to be perceived by the human eye. Super useful so you don't accidentally pickpocket Caius with your new toggle sneak that you should have installed.
More Barter Gold -
Tired of having to sell your stuff at a huge loss? Or having to buy up the merchants whole stock to get some sort of compensation? Or god forbid visiting Creeper or the immersion-shattering Mudcrab? Well that's unfortunate. Because this mod only adds to the ludicrous amount of gold you will inevitably end up with and doesn't actually feel that great at the end of the day. Sure, I was freeing slaves and giving them 25,000 septims each for travel funds... But that feels weird. Just put all your expensive stuff on display like the packrat we all want to be... Because otherwise, things get cray cray.
Welcome to the Arena -
This mod allows you to fight in Arena battles finally giving that whole canton a purpose, besides its very limited use in vanilla. The arena battles are quite fun, and some are pretty challenging. I do have a few qualms about it though. First off, the armor given to you as a prerequisite to fighting in the pit is far superior to (I believe) every other piece of medium armor in the game. I also don't like how you can challenge just about every NPC in the game to a fight to the death in the arena. Sounds cool in theory, but it's not pulled off with a great amount of finesse. The topic in the dialog box is "-challenge". Not "Challenge" for what ever reason, "-challenge", and that just makes my Spidey Sense tingle. It bugs me when modders include mod options within the game via interactive objects as well but that's just my own weird issues. All in all, solid. But imperfect. C+.
Buy A House -
As a person dissatisfied with my own life, getting a house in an RPG is almost a must. Sure, you can get a stronghold, but what if you want to tell the Great Houses to "bite me" and don't want to be a (probably murderous) squatter? Well now you can spend your obscene amount of gold on some reasonably well-designed houses. My only real complaint is the general lack of polish. There are a few typos, and for whatever reason none of the furniture merchants have "storage" as selectable text within their dialog, you have to scroll down to find it. Might seem like a minor grievance but I mean, come on, it's so simple. Take some god damn pride in your work, modders.
Maxed Out Attribute Modifiers
I HATE MORROWIND'S ATTRIBUTE LEVELING SYSTEM. It's dumb. It requires a ridiculous amount of metagaming and planning and general bullshit. But this mod, while tempting, makes you an unstoppable hurricane of destruction by level 15 or so, instead of the regular level 25. Basically, if you level up any skill once, you get the +5 modifier at level up. Instead, I use MADD Leveler.
MADD Leveler
This lovely mod raises your attributes as you level your skills, removing the need entirely to watch what skills your raising and when. It does all this without your character becoming an uber-mega-god quite as early. Just awesome all around.
Better Governing Attributes
This mod replaces the dookie governing attributes the good ole boys at Bethesda decided on, and changes them to things that comply with basic logic. Unarmored and Light Armor are governed by Endurance in this mod so your mage no longer needs to use spears if you don't feel like that.
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